Google shows 10 results on the first page when someone searches for any specific terms. The results are based on a number of issues like site speed, backlinks, bounce rate, and a host of other factors. 

So, if you can be on the top of the first page of Google results, it can be an excellent opportunity for you and your business.

Remember though that getting to the top is only half the battle: staying on top is equally as hard. Basically, your success relies on whether you can keep your business on top. [Hint: That’s what we do!]

Top Position Gets More Traffic

One of the other top search engines next to Google, Bing, reports that websites on the top get 42% of the traffic; the second gets 11% and third gets 8% only. So, it clearly indicates why your websites needs to be on top. Basically, the picture is the same with other search engines. If your website becomes visible on top, that would mean more authenticity and trust which are obvious elements for more lead and customers.

Increases Business Authenticity

An increase in visibility and search results does not only boost your business, it makes your business more authentic as well. It is proven that web visitors think the first few websites of the search result pages as more authentic in their relevant industry. It is basically a psychological game that gives you the advantage. Whether yours is a large business or a small local business, better ranking surely increases the authenticity of your business.

Creates Business Image

Increase your know, like and trust factors. Better visibility improves the image in the potential clients’ eyes. As the internet is a competitive market for every business, it may not always be easy to rank on top within a short time. But, once you get a better ranking position, success then runs towards you. However, in order to give your business a respectable image among the customers and the competitors, you will feel the pressure to make your website rank among the first ten web results.

With, we get you to the top, and keep you there – month after month. Because our results are organic, they become permanent. You never buy traffic, you never pay per click.

Ten Times Better if in the Top

It is proven by experts that if you can rank on top, your business will become ten times better than your competitors. reports that the web page that ranks in a top listing gets 10 times more traffic than the one on page seven, for example.

Reduced Costs

As an small business owner, you are supposed to already know that marketing costs are low when generating on a per leads basis. It is basically because most of the leads that come inbound are directly from search engines. So, the better your visibility is, the more potential your business has. Top positions can reduce your advertising costs effectively. It has significant impacts on your social media marketing as well.

We can guarantee results in three to six months. Yes, we are very confident because we see businesses just like yours experience similar results every day. That’s how confident we are that your business will thrive.

Edited and revised from by Ramona Sukhraj